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    The Horse Dancer

    Once in awhile, I need to dive deep into a novel free from bloody criminal cases or real-life dramas. As drawn to horse stories as I am, a novel with both the word "horse" in the title AND an illustration of a horse on the cover, has to be good. I have been let down before but this didn't let me down. Although the plot and characters were just average developed, the book was worth my time reading. Moyes knows her horses.

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    It troubles me

    It troubles me. The Tony Robbins video we all have seen the last couple of weeks. I’m not sure what troubles me the most, though. Whether it is how he addressed women who have been sexually assaulted standing up for themselves or how he is mansplaining the woman who had the guts to confront him; whether it is how he justified his point of view by giving an example that displayed why we still have to keep talking about that darn glass ceiling or how he raised his voice to drown Nanine McCool’s; whether it is how he used his sheer size to intimidate her or the threatening words that…

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    CHS – The Angle

    The other day a friend forwarded a song to me, U2’s “Getting out of your own way”. This spoke to me with capital letters. So I listen to it back to back for a while, before I started to play other U2 songs I haven’t listened to in years. One of them was “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for” and it struck me; I still haven’t found the angle of the book I’m looking for. I haven’t even decided who I write for, who the readers would be. When I wrote my first book, Unconditionally, I didn’t even think of this. The book wrote itself more or less.…

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    The Danger of Diving in too Deep

    Recently, I took up an old hobby of mine, riding, and after, or maybe during, the first lesson the alarm clocks started chiming. Intensely. With the same intensity, my already overloaded brain started to figure out how life would look like if I let the horses back into my life again. Ideas started popping while I sat on the horse and tried to focus on how to land both sitting bones in the saddle. I’d been away from riding for six years, and horses in general for about four. For a reason. Now, I was back in the saddle and all my dreams came rushing back to me with such power that…

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    You have a plan, you are determined to stick to the plan. You even tell yourself that the plan you made is far from being at the level of productivity that you know you can execute. Almost on the verge of being a joke. You start out, ambitiously and arrogant. No sweat following up on this plan. And BOOM out of nowhere life gets in the way. And the plan you’d made was distorted. Even with bars as low as can be, you can’t meet the planned activity. This happened to me. This happens to me all the time with my writing. Maybe I need to make a new plan…

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    The Horse

    Some quotes help the words flow and the pen going, others help you to understand life and yourself. Some are just perfect and beautifully composed and give you a moment of tranquillity and authenticity.  Jane Smiley’s quote is for me the one that covers all. Once in a while I look it up and read it, and I always end up thinking ‘do I need to write anything myself? She says everything I want to say so eloquent and precise.’ Yet it always leads to writing after I have read and absorbed her beautiful message:   I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example…

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    A Writer’s Realisation

    The algorithms of Facebook work mysterious ways, more often not so mysterious. Because I once in a while browsing through various pages that in one or several ways are related to the art of writing, my Facebook feed is filled with ads for all kinds of businesses remotely connected to writing. The other day I made a halt at one of the ads. It wasn’t what the guy was selling that caught my attention, it was his message. He, like many others, had the solution on how to make the next big bestseller. Unlike others, he added, “without writing a word”. A book without writing a word? It could be…

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    Morning routine: test drive

    This week I’ve tested a new routine. I don’t work well with routines, it tires me. It seems like I look at routines as a dare to break. The reason why I haven’t published more than I have probably lies here. The last couple of months I’ve taken a course with Mel Robbins, where one of the main topics was to change our morning routine in order to be more productive and more focused on where we want to go with our lives. I have successfully made changes in my morning routine, not big ones but noticeable ones. The change involves no phone in the bedroom, no hitting the snooze…

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    Go Indie or Go Home?

    Some say you have to start planning the launch and how to publish already before you begin to write the book. I find it premature. It takes away an important piece of creativity in me. All of a sudden my art, my creation becomes a business transaction, and I’m not sure if I want it to be that. Not at that point anyway. If you want to publish, of course, you have to think about it. The reason for your book project may come in have been of importance here; do you write to enhance your business or do you write because writing is what you do? I recently took…

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    CHS – the beginning

    It is 2010 and I experience a EUREKA moment. It was merely a name of the concept but it was a beginning. Corporate Horse Sense is born The year before my dream had turned into a nightmare. My horse business went bankrupt. I wasn’t willing to let it go, the dream. I continued to try finding new ways, starting over again, starting fresh. But I was too scared, too broke and too depleted. Too scared to fail once more, too broke to start over, too depleted to find the energy to get going. At the same time, I was energized by the wisdom and experience I had gained through helping…