You have a plan, you are determined to stick to the plan. You even tell yourself that the plan you made is far from being at the level of productivity that you know you can execute. Almost on the verge of being a joke. You start out, ambitiously and arrogant. No sweat following up on this plan. And BOOM out of nowhere life gets in the way. And the plan you’d made was distorted. Even with bars as low as can be, you can’t meet the planned activity.

This happened to me. This happens to me all the time with my writing. Maybe I need to make a new plan – a backup plan, a plan B and C for times with writing interrupting life happenings. I had set up a challenge for myself for blogging twice a week. Not that much. I also made a note to myself -in my mind- that each blog post should be brief. To avoid that I didn’t finish a post because it would require too much time. The bars were low. Still, I didn’t manage to fulfil this week’s goal of posting on Wednesday. Life got in the way. Included in my plan is to write enough stories to have a few extra in store if this would happen, the life in the way thing. I haven’t come to this yet. This is a perfect opportunity to doom my own project. To beat me up. To quit before I really have started.

The blogging is one thing, writing the books I want is another. Even though I have a plan on how to approach the book projects as well, it seems like life happens quite a lot and interrupts my writing. I get distracted and then lose focus on what I really should be focusing on. The dream for me and many fellow writers is to sit undisturbed in our own bubble and let the story float from our mind on to the paper in wonderful and meaningful passages. Having to break out of the creative state of mind to deal with mundane things as preparing food for the family, walking the dog or recovering from illness is such a waste of energy. I can sit for hours and hours, uninterrupted, without being able to have a straight thought about anything. The minute I get into the flow, I get interrupted. As if it’s not meant for me to break through with the story. I find it difficult to find the transition between dealing with the reality and exploring the creative writing. I need time to get into the bubble, and I need time to get out. And when life requires you to show up and deal with real problems on an hourly basis, not fictional ones, it’s difficult to put in a few minutes here and there to write something. Even as a small thing as a blog post of 600 words, which would normally take 10 minutes in typing.

Life can throw you off the plan you have made, probably it will – continuously. The key to still stick to the plan is to start over again, to not let life stop you. As I experienced this week. Life got in the way of sticking to my plan and write a blog post. I prioritized other things – like illustrated in the picture, to heal my neck. I will get back on the horse, heck I just did. I will continue to mount that horse every time I seemed to have fallen off. Over time I might have become so experienced that I manage to keep ahead, and by that don’t feel like I’m behind as soon as life sets in and prevents me from writing.

I think this might be one of my greatest lessons I need to learn to master if I want to succeed as a writer. Because life happens, whether we like it or not.

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