I am a writer, a thinker, a doer. Not necessarily in that order. This blog is my outlet where I reflect on things that cross my mind, which opens up for a lot of topics. I do care about lots of things and I love to question them. I love to contemplate on established truths, to raise my voice when injustice occurs and to induce new ways of thinking.

Ever since childhood I’ve been a book lover. I read to live. Non-fictions and crime are my favourite genres, but I also enjoy a good feelgood novel and I love Jane Austin and the Brontë-sisters. Another passion that has followed me from my younger days is horses. Now, a few years post-horse ownership and professional horse-coach, I am still an advocate for horse-assisted therapy. I believe we can learn so much from the horses about being a human, crazy at it sounds. Now, you are warned. This will occasionally be reflected in my blog posts.

I am a romantic, probably born in the wrong century on the wrong latitude (worshipper of the sun and the warmth, living in Norway…). I am drawn to everything Austin-like. I can imagine myself sitting in a gazebo in a beautiful silk dress, gazing at the horses in the far and at the beautiful flowers in the park in front of the mansion, penning my deep thoughts onto my flower covered notebook. I am also a realist, knowing that I wouldn’t wear that dress for a second because it is too impractical. Instead, when the inspiration reaches me, I place myself in my imaginary gazebo – my mazebo – gazing at the sea and scribble the thoughts onto my Mac or on a legal pad. Scenario different – but the bubble remains the same.